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Arthur Edward Waite

The Occult Sciences

A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment
An Account of Magical Practices; Of Secret Sciences in Connection with Magic; Of the Professors of Magical Arts; And of Modern Spiritualism, Mesmerism and Theosophy
Publisher: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Ltd, 1891 first edition.  Bound in the publisher's brown cloth with titles in gilt on the spine, top board outlined in orange with vignette of occult symbol in orange, black endpapers.
The book is in very good condition, with mottled boards, bumping to the head and foot of the spine, and a repaired tear to the top of the rear hinge and spine. There is the heraldic bookplate of Rev. F.F. Carmichael (Canon of Christ Church and Chaplain of Magdalen, Dublin) to the front endpaper.  Light mark to the closed fore-edges. There are a very few instances of underlining and marginalia, mainly in pencil, but otherwise the book is clean and bright.
In three parts: Magical Practices - White Magic (Angels, Elemental Spirits), Black Magic (demons), Necromancy; Secret Sciences in Connection with Magic - Alchemy, Elixir of Life, Crystallomancy, Talismans, Divination, the Divining Rod, Astrology, Kabbalism; Professors of Magical Art - Mystics, Rosicrucians, Freemasons; Modern Phenomena - Mesmerism, Modern Spiritualism, Theosophy.
Octavo, 19.7cm tall (7.75 inches), viii,  296 pages, including 4 pages of publisher's advertisements.


Guyon Richards

The Chain of Life

Publisher: John Bale, Sons & Danielsson Ltd., 1934 first edition, first printing. Bound in green cloth, with titles on the spine and top board in gilt.  The book is in very good condition, with dulled gilt, lightly bumped corners, and a very occasional small isolated spot to pages and three leaves with creased corners. Endpapers tanned and one owner inscription on the ffep, otherwise clean and bright.

This book concerns the author's study of Abrams' work on radiesthesia, and his own modifications of the Abrams method.  Illustrated with some diagrams.

Octavo, 21.9 cm , a little over 8.5 inches, tall, xiii, 215 pages, plus 2 pages publisher's advertisements.



Sir John Floyer, Knight

The Sibylline Oracles

Translated from the Best Greek Copies
And Compar'd With The
Sacred Prophecies
Especially with
Daniel and the Revelations,
With so much History as plainly shews, That many of the Sibyls Predictions are exactly fulfill'd
Answers to the Objections
usually made against them.

Publisher: J. Nicholson, 1713, first edition. Bound in full contemorary leather with titles onin gilt on spine label, gilt borders to boards.  Very good condition, with front hinge partialy cracked and rear hinge cracked, with some small losses to the leather in consequence, but both boards still firmly attached. Corners bumped. Text block clean and tightly bound.  On the front endpapers there is a long inscription concerning the number of the Beast and the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation, in an 18th century hand.  On the rear endpaper in an owner name "W. White, Coll Mer Oxon" (Merton College, Oxford)
The Sibilline Oracles are of Judaeo-Christian origin, mixing Greek and Roman Mythology with Judaeo-Christian mythology, and may contain fragments of the Roman Sibylline Books.  They are certainly very concerned with the prophecies in the Book of Revelation.
Octavo, 17.7cm, 7 inches tall, title, 6 pages dedication, xxiv, 336 pages, complete.



Crowley, Aleister

Book Four: Liber Aba

Publisher: Weiser, 2004.  Blue cloth boards, with titles and vignettes in silver on spine and vignette in silver on top board.  The book is in very good condition in a very good dust jacket.  Dampstaining to back board, and a little on the spine, otherwise clean and bright and tight in binding.  If not for the damp stain, which only affects the outer binding, and the tiniest spots on the lower edges of the last few pages, this book would be in fine condition.

Part I: Mysticism; Part II: Magick (Elementary Theory); Part III: Magick in Theory and Practice; PartIV; Thelema-The Law.

Large 8vo, 844 pp.




Keiro (Charles Yates Stephenson)

Practical Palmistry

A clear and commonsense explanation of the science by means of which everyone may read his own character and foretell his own future and fate.

Together with Treatises on Clairvoyance and Psychometry

Publisher: George Routledge and Sons, London, undated, c.1910.  Signed by the author.  Maroon cloth with titles in gilt on top board and spine, vignette of palm in black and pale blue on the spine, vignette of  a steaming cauldron on tripod on the top board, also in black and pale blue.  Signed ‘Yours Fthfly Keiro’ on the title page.  
Good condition, with a repair to the top of the front hinge, wear to the head and foot of the spine, rubbed hinges,



Harry Price

Poltergeist Over England

Three Centuries of Mischievous Ghosts

With Line Drawings by John Hookham, together with Photographs and other Illustrations 

Country Life Ltd, 1945, first edition.  Black cloth hardback with titles in green on spine and top board, very good condition.  
This is an in depth look at the history of poltergeists in England by the ghost-hunter, Harry Price.  It makes very entertaining and thought-provoking reading.  
The book has slightly bumped corners, one small owner name on the ffep.  Apart from the very occasional small light mark, the book is clean, and tight in its binding.

Illustrated with many atmospheric line drawings, and with 13 photographic plates, all present and in very good condition.




Elisabeth Haich


Publisher: George Allen and Unwin, 1965, first edition. Bound in red cloth with titles in gilt on the spine. In the original, unclipped dust jacket.
This book is a novel, which has at its centre a detailed account of initiation into the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. The central character is a woman who underwent initiation in ancient times, now reincarnated with feelings of being out of place from childhood. She regains the memory of her former life through her encounters with spiritualism. The real concern of the book is ‘mystic truth, more especially, the occult teaching of the priesthood in ancient Egypt.’
In common with the novels of Dion Fortune, this book is an esoteric teaching tool disguised as a novel. A very good read, and written with genuine knowledge. The book is illustrated with six photographic plates and diagrams within the text, some of these in colour.
The book is in very good condition, with minor bumping of the head and foot of the spine and the board corners. There are two brief ownership inscriptions on the front endpaper, in pencil, and one instance of marginalia, also in pencil. There is an isolated light mark on one page, but otherwise the book is clean and bright and tight in its binding. The dust jacket is in good condition with wear and creasing, some closed tears to the spine and some fading to the spine area. It is now contained in an archival sleeve to protect and neaten it.
Octavo 22cm, 8.75 inches, tall, 366 pages.



Astrology Theologized

The Spiritual Hermeneutics
Astrology and Holy Writ
A Treatise Upon the Influence of the Stars on Man and on the Art of Ruling Them by the Law of Grace
By Valentine Weigelius
(Reprinted from the Original of 1649)
With a Prefatory Essay on the True Method of Interpreting Holy Scripture
Anna Bonus Kingsford
Illustrated with Engravings on Wood

Publisher: George Redway, 1886, first edition thus. Bound in art vellum over bevelled boards, with titles in gilt on the top board and spine. Untrimmed edges. Yellow endpapers.
An uncommon book in this edition. The book is in very good condition. The art vellum (essentially a coated paper) is soiled and darkened along the spine, as is usual, and the spine has been repaired with Japanese paper. There is also the faint remains of an ink inscription on the spine “Kingsford”. On the front endpaper there is the bookplate of the Cheltenham Lodge of the Theosophical Society. There are a very few light marks, but otherwise the book is clean and tightly bound.
Illustrated throughout with very attractive woodcuts, some full-page.
Large octavo, 23 cm, ( inches, tall, 121 pages, plus 15 pages of publisher’s advertisements.


Mouni Sadhu

The Tarot

A Contemporary Course of the
Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism

Publisher: George Allen and Unwin, 1962, first edition. Bound in blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spine and triangle vignette stamped in blind on the top board.
This book is not about using the Tarot to predict the future, but rather a detailed and complex study of the symbolism, meaning and use of the Tarot in Hermetic Occultism, divided into a hundred separate lessons.
The book is in very good condition, with some fading to the spine cloth. A previous owner has pasted a portion of the dust jacket flap and the back of the dust jacket with descriptions of the author’s other books to the front endpapers. There are a few instances of marginalia, written in pencil, otherwise the book is clean and bright and tightly bound.
Illustrated throughout with line drawings and diagrams.
Large octavo 24 cm tall, 9.5 inches, 494 pages, plus 2 pages of publisher’s advertisements.


Dr. John Dee

The Hieroglyphic Monad

Translated and with a commentary by
J.W. Hamilton-Jones

Publisher: John M. Watkins, 1947, 1st edition, bound in the publisher’s blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spine.
This is a very good copy of this esoteric text by Dr. John Dee. The book is illustrated with three monochrome plates and many diagrams.
There is the very slightest hint of age toning to the endpapers, otherwise the book is clean and bright and tight in its binding.
Octavo, 22cm (8.75 inches) tall, 76 pages.


Alice A. Bailey

A Treatise on the Seven Rays
Esoteric Psychology

Publisher: Lucis Press Limited, 1950, Volume One is third edition, Volume Two is second edition, but both are first British edition, two volumes. Bound in leather-textured dark blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spines and top boards. Volume Two has top edges blue.
These two volumes are in very good condition, with a small mark on the lower closed edges of Volume One, an ownership inscription on both ffeps, otherwise clean and bright and tight in their bindings.
The concept of the Seven Rays occurs in many religions since ancient times, and it was very important in the founding ideals of Theosophy as elucidated by Madame Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine.
Heavy volumes, octavo, 22cm (8.75 inches) tall, Volume One, xix, 430 pages, Volume Two, 751 pages.



Rev. Ethelbert W. Bullinger, D.D.

The Witness of the Stars

Published by the author, 1893 first edition. Bound in blue cloth with titles and a image of Serpens and Ophiuchus in gilt on the top board, and titles in gilt on the spine.
This is a very interesting book, a rare first edition, proposing that God’s interventions in the world are written symbolically in the constellations. Bullinger offers his interpretations of these symbolic celestial pictures, and offers as supporting evidence ancient Zodiacal writings.
Whether one agrees with the thesis or not, there is a great deal of information in these pages, and 41 beautiful plates of star charts printed in blue, 2 of these folding, and 5 engravings within the text.
The book is in very good condition, with a little mottling to the cloth and light bumping to head and foot of the spine and corners. There is a bookplate of the Theosophical Society, Cheltenham Lodge on the front endpaper, and some very occasional light scatters of foxing. Otherwise the book is clean and bright. The final folding plate has a short closed tear with an old repair to the verso, and to first folding plate has a little light foxing. Otherwise the plates are clean and bright.
Large octavo, 24 cm tall (9.5 inches) viii, 204 pages plus four pages of the author’s catalogue, plus plates, complete.


Franz Bardon

The Practice of Magical Evocation
Instructions for Invoking Spirits from
the Spheres Surrounding Us

Publisher: Rudolf Pravica, Graz-Puntigram, Austria, 1967, first English edition. Bound in yellow cloth with titles in red on the top board and spine.
A comprehensive guide to invoking spirits, with 153 pages of illustrative invocational diagrams in black and white and in colour bound in at the back of the book, and one colour plate of ‘The Second Tarot Card’ the symbolism of which is described in detail.
The book has one owner inscription on the front endpaper, together with a pentagram printed on plastic film. Loosely laid in is an invocation handwritten in green ink. The former owner has noted the titles of the other two works in this series on the title page, and has added The Symbolism of the Second Tarot Card to the list of contents. Apart from one isolated mark, the book is otherwise clean and bright.
Octavo, 21cm tall (8.75 inches), 279 pages, plus 154 pages unpaginated, plus one page of Further Books by Franz Bardon, listing the third book in this trilogy as in preparation.


Rama Prasad

The Science of Breath
And the Philosophy of the Tattvas

Translated from the Sanskrit, with Introductory and Explanatory Essays on Nature’s Finer Forces.

Publisher: Theosophical Publishing Society, 1894, second, revised edition. Bound in dark blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spine and top board.
An uncommon early edition of this book, in very good condition. The back inside hinge has been repaired, with some tape marks from an earlier repair remaining. The head and foot of the spine, and the corners, are bumped and there is a number on the spine. On the front endpapers there are several inscriptions, some indicating ownership by the Theosophical Society, some erased. There is some sporadic foxing, but the book is mainly clean.
Octavo, 19cm (7.5 inches) tall, vi 251 pages, plus 2 pages of advertisements.



Geoffrey Hodson

The Kingdom of the Gods

Illustrated by Ethelwynne M. Quail

Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House, Aydar, Madras, India, 1966 5th edition. Bound in red textured cloth with titles in silver on the spine and top board and vignette of spirit in silver on the top board. In original dust jacket.
This is a very interesting book concerning the gods, nature spirits and angels which inhabit the earth around us and how they may be co-operated with. Chapter headings include; The Earth’s Angelic Hierarchies; The Colour Language of the Angels, The Angels of Will, Wisdom and Intelligence; The Angels of Beauty, Mind and Fire; The Sephirothal Tree, and many more.
The book is illustrated with three diagram plates, two of which are folding, and 29 beautiful full colour plates of Angels and Gods.
The book is in very good condition, with one owner inscription on the front endpaper, otherwise it is clean and bright. The dust jacket has some edge wear, with small chips, otherwise very good. It is now tidied and protected in a dust jacket sleeve.
Large octavo, 25 cm (9.75 inches) tall, xxiii, 272 pages, plus plates.


Abbé Mermet

Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia
A Textbook For Practitioners and Students

Publisher: Stuart & Watkins, 1967, second impression. Bound in orange cloth, in the original green dustjacket.
This is a book about sensitivity to radiations of all kinds emanating from living beings, inanimate objects, mineral ores, water and even photographs, and how to detect them through the use of the pendulum. It gives instructions on how to detect water and metals and how to trace missing persons, among other things.
The book is in very good condition. There is one gift inscription on the front endpaper, and a small bookseller’s label. Otherwise the book is clean and bright and tight in its binding. The dust jacket has a slightly darkened spine, but is otherwise clean and without tears or chips, and it still has its original price of 30s.
Octavo, 22cm tall (8.75 inches), 230 pages.


S. L. Macgregor Mathers and Others

Astral Projection, Ritual Magic and Alchemy

Being Hitherto Unpublished Golden Dawn Material
Edited and Introduced by Francis King

Publisher: Neville Spearman, 1971, first edition. Bound in turquoise cloth with titles in gilt on the spine, in the original dust jacket. The book is first edition, but the dust jacket is a second impression jacket.
A very interesting book on Golden Dawn practices, with an introduction and parts entitled: Imagination and Will-Power; Astral Projection; Rosicrucian Adeptship; Man, God and the Rosicrucian Initiation; Esoteric Psychology; Hermetic Love and the Higher Magic; Alchemy; Christian occultism; Hermetic Wisdom and Mystical Prayer. There are also three appendices: A. An Exegetical Note Upon the Flying Rolls; B. Enochian Magic and the Enochian Language; C. A Stella Matutina Flying Roll.
The book is in very good condition, with a small bookseller’s label on the front endpaper, otherwise clean and bright and tight in its binding. The dust jacket has a little edge wear, but no chips or tears, and it still has its original price.
Octavo, 22cm (8.75 inches) tall, 254 pages.


The Book of Enoch

Translated from an Ethiopic Ms. In The Bodleian Library by Richard Laurence

Publisher: Wizards Bookshelf, 1976, Secret Doctrine Reference Series, facsimile reprint of the 1883 edition. Bound in black cloth with titles in gilt on the spine and top board, and reproduction of Ethiopic script on the top board in gilt.
This book is a very nice, clear reproduction of the 1883 edition, and it is in very good condition, clean, bright and tight in its binding. There is one owner address label on the front endpaper, no other marks or inscriptions.
Octavo, 21.5cm (8.5 inches) tall, xlviii (introduction), 187 pages.


H.P. Blavatsky

The Original Programme of the Theosophical Society
And Preliminary Memorandum of the Esoteric Section

Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House, Aydar, Madras, 1931, first edition. Bound in blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spine and top board.
This book is the first printing in book form of a manuscript in the handwriting of Madame Blavatsky concerning the aims of the Theosophical Society. It was first printed in the June 1924 issue of the Theosophist.
The book is illustrated with a monochrome tissue-guarded frontispiece portrait of HPB herself, and the text of her manuscript ends with a facsimile of her signature. There follows an appendix: A Few Words on the Theosophical Organization by Mohini M. Chatterji and A. Gebhard. Following this is a folding plate which is a reproduction of the Charter of the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society, and this is followed by The Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society Preliminary Memorandum 1888.
The book is in very good condition. There is a darkened patch on the front pastedown endpaper where a label may have been removed, and one owner address label on the free endpaper. The book is otherwise clean and tight in its binding.
Small octavo, 19 cm, (7.5 inches) tall, xvi, 75 pages.



C.W. Leadbeater

Glimpses of Masonic History

Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House, Aydar, Madras, India, 1926, first edition. Bound in the publisher’s light blue cloth with titles on the spine in gilt and gilt vignette of an Egyptian pharaoh being greeted by Thoth.
This is a very interesting book on Freemasonry. Chapter headings are: Schools of Masonic Thought; The Egyptian Mysteries; The Cretan Mysteries; The Jewish Mysteries; The Greek Mysteries; The Mithraic Mysteries; Craft Masonry in Mediaeval Times; Operative Masonry in the Middle Ages; Transition from Operative to Speculative; Other Lines of Masonic Tradition; The Scottish Rite; The Co-Masonic Order.
Please see the photos for more detail.
The book is in good condition, ex-libris the Theosophical Society (Cheltenham Lodge), with a paper label on the lower spine and a bookplate on the front endpaper, but no other markings. The binding has marks and a darkened spine. The gilt on the spine is dulled, but the vignette is bright. The spine has some fraying and short cracks to the back hinge. Internally the binding is sound, with no loose pages, and though there is an occasional isolated mark, the pages are mainly clean and bright. There is a frontispiece and 12 other monochrome plates, all with tissue guards. One leaf has a small piece missing from the lower margin, and two leaves have a tiny triangle of the lower fore edge corner missing, but no text is lost.
Octavo, 21.5cm tall (8.5 inches), xiii, list of plates, 380 pages.



H.P. Blavatsky

The Esoteric School of Theosophy
I, II, III, IV, V, VI.

Privately printed by Willian McLellan and company, 24 Hope Street, Glasgow, 1921. Bound in blue cloth with gilt titles on the top board.
This is a very rare book, supplying these instructions to members of the Esoteric School of Theosophy only, containing ‘some matter which is not in the version published in the Secret Doctrine, as well as the original coloured plates’. There are three colour plates, one of which is double-page, and also a number of diagrams.
The book is in very good plus condition, with only very light bumping of the corners, and splitting to the rear endpaper along the hinge. The mull remains intact and the binding is tight and firm. The pages are clean and bright with no marks or inscriptions. A lovely fresh copy.
Octavo, 22cm, 8.75 inches, tall, 180 pages.



Geoffrey Hodson

The Kingdom of Faerie

Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House Ltd., 1927, first edition. Bound in the publisher’s beige cloth with titles in blue on the spine and top board.
This book consists of the author’s accounts of his ‘clairvoyant studies of the kingdom of Faery’. He and others went into the countryside, the Cotswolds, Sussex, Kent, and Switzerland and experienced psychic encounters with various kinds of fairy.
Chapter titles are: I. Devas; II. Sylphs; III. Gnome and Deva; IV Fairies; V The Work of Nature Spirits; VI. Brownies and Mannikins; VII. The Kingdom of Pan; VIII. Examples of Co-operation between Devas and Man.
The book is in very good condition, with some light marks to the cloth, lightly tanned endpapers, and an owner’s address label and a bookseller’s stamp on the front free endpaper. Otherwise the book is clean and bright.
Also included is an appropriate bookmark in the form of a postcard of one of Cicely Mary Barker’s flower fairies, the Forget-Me-Not Fairy. This is a postcard printed in Sweden in 1975.
This is a very interesting read from the height of the fairy-sighting era.
Small octavo, 19cm, 7.5 inches, tall, 112 pages



Leslie Shepard

Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology

A Compendium of Information on the Occult Sciences, Magic, Demonology, Superstitions, Spiritism, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Psychical Science, and Parapsychology, with Biographical and Bibliographical Notes and Comprehensive Indexes
Edited by Leslie Shepard

Publisher: Gale Research Company, Detroit, 1978 1st edition in two volumes. Bound in the publisher’s dark and light blue pictorial cloth.
This is Leslie Shepard’s own copy, ‘Marked with modifications for second printing’. Handwritten labels and a handwritten note, dated Nov. 13, 1978 and signed by Leslie Shepard, are stuck to the covers of the two volumes, and the volumes are bookmarked and annotated throughout in his handwriting. Volume One has had its title page removed. The books are otherwise clean and bright and tight in their bindings. They are a great reference work, and also a fascinating look at an editing process.
Also included are two issues, no. 2 and 3-4, of ‘Occultism Update, An Inter-edition Supplement to Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology’, from 1980 and 1981, two books in wraps, both in very good condition, clean and bright. These are also Leslie Shepard’s own copies.
Leslie Shepard was a British writer and film-maker who had a particular interest in the occult and mysticism. He was the founder of the Bram Stoker Society.
The Encyclopedia, two volumes quarto, 29cm, 11.25 inches, tall, Vol. 1, viii, 544 pages, Vol. 2, viii, pages 545 to 1084.
Occultism Update 27.75cm, 11 inches, tall, Issue 2, pages 63 to 126, Issue 3-4, pages 127 to 203, including and index for Issues 1 to 4.



Proceedings for the Society of Psychical Research

56 parts plus the Index for parts 41 to 67. Including Volume One, 1882-3, this volume in green cloth hardback, the rest in the original blue paper wraps.
This is a fascinating archive of research into all kinds of paranormal phenomena, beginning in 1882 and extending up to 1976, though mostly pre 1930. It is not a complete run. I believe that before the 1930s two issues a year was the norm, though the month of publication varied. The details of issues on offer are as follows:
1882-3, Volume 1 hardback, 1883 July issue, 1885, issues for May and December; 1888, June issue; 1889, issues for June and December; 1890, June issue; 1892, June issue and December issue (which is a reprint from the 1920s); 1895, July issue; 1896, December issue; 1897, July issue (wraps detached but present); 1898 February issue and December issue; 1899, February and December issues; 1899, July issue.
1900, October issue; 1912, November and September issues; 1913, July issue; 1914, issues for January and July; 1915, May issue; 1916, November issue; 1918, July and November issues;1919, December issue; 1920,November issue; 1921, April issue.
The following issues are quite slender, and it appears that they were published more frequently, at three issues a year.
1932, issues for July and October; 1933, Issues for January, March and June; 1934, issue for July; 1935, April issue; 1936, May issue; 1938, Issues for January, June and December; 1939, issues for February, July and December.
1940, issues for March, June and November, 1941, issue for June; 1946, issue for June; 1947, issue for May; 1950, July issue; 1951, February issue; 1964, March issue; and 1976, January issue.
Except for the problems with the wraps on one issue noted above, they are all in very good condition. Volume 1 has some marks and a little bumping to its binding, and there are occasional light marks, and some small creases to wraps, mainly corners bumped or turned. Otherwise clean and bright.
If you have any questions, I am happy to answer.



T. Fukurai
President of the Psychical Institute of Japan

Clairvoyance and Thoughtography
With one hundred and nineteen Illustrations

Publisher: Rider & Co., 1931, 1st edition. Bound in publisher’s red cloth, titles in gilt on the spine and top board.
This book contains the reports on various experiments with several different subjects. The experiments were in remote reading of randomly selected cards, and also some in ‘thoughtography’ or the production of images on photographic plates by the use of the mind visualizing images. This series of experiments inspired the deadly videotape in Koji Suzuki’s novel ‘The Ring’.
The book is very interesting, and has lovely period photographs of the subjects. Among the illustrations are detailed plans of the rooms in which the experiments were carried out.
The book is in very good condition, with bumping at the head and foot of the spine, and slightly bumped corners, some light marks to the cloth. Clean and bright within, and tightly bound.
Small quarto, 25cm tall, 247 pages.



Kaigh, Frederick

Witchcraft and Magic of Africa

With a Foreword by Montague Summers

 Publisher: Richard Leslie & Co Ltd. 1947, first edition.  Brown cloth boards with gilt titles on the spine, in dust jacket which has some browning and a closed tear (wrapped in a new mylar cover.)  Lightly tanned eps, otherwise clean and bright. Illustrated with monochrome plates.

8vo,159 pp.


Thomas Oxley

The Celestial Planispheres  
Or Astronomical Charts

Publisher: Davis and Dickson, 1830, first edition.  This is a very rare book, four parts in one, on the subject of astronomical calculations for the purposes of astrology.  Illustrated with the nativity of  the Emperor Napoleon, and King William the Fourth.  One plate in the text.  Nine other plates were supplied loose with the book for the purposes of cutting out the designs for the planispheres.  These plates are no longer present.  The book is in very good condition, tight in its original binding of cloth backed paper-covered boards.  Uncut edges.  Rear hinge weakening, spine cloth darkened.  Titles on paper spine label, which is chipped.  The pages have very occasional isolated light marks and two instances of pencilled marginalia, but are otherwise, and mainly, clean and bright.

304 pages, octavo.



K. Frank Jensen

The Prophetic Cards
A catalog of cards for fortune-telling

Publisher: Ouroboros, 1985, first edition. Ring bound in wraps, the front wrap being red paper with an image of a card pasted on, and titles printed in black, protected by a clear plastic cover, while the back wrap is a heavy card board with a leather-look finish. The black plastic binder ring has titles printed along its spine in gold.
This catalog was published in a limited edition in connection with Spilkammeret’s exhibition of 1985: The Prophetic cards, and it is a rare item. It is a remarkable collection of images of all kinds of fortune telling cards from the 19th and 20th centuries. The packs do not include Tarot cards, though many are obviously derived from or influenced by the Tarot. This publication is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in prophetic cards.
The book is in very good condition, clean and bright. The text is in both Danish and English. The text pages are printed on grey-blue paper and the rest on white. The Illustrations of the decks are printed on one side of the paper only for the most part, and some have examples of their instructions for use. There are eight parts, as follows: 1. The Lenormand-decks; 2. The Social Decks; 3. Standard Decks with Fortune Telling Texts; 4. Mythological Themes; 5. Runes, Geomancy, I-Ching, Chiromancy; 6. Astrological Themes; 7. Unusual Themes; 8. Cards for Meditation etc.
The book ends with a one-page bibliography. There are about 140 different decks illustrated.
30 cm tall by 21 cm wide and 2cm thick.


Arthur Conan Doyle

The Coming of the Fairies
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 1922 1st edition.  Rebound in full black leather with five raised bands to the spine and titles in gilt on a red spine label.
This extraordinary book details the case of the Cottingley Fairies, giving the evidence and reproducing the lovely photographs of the two girls, Elsie and Frances, who claimed to have played with gnomes elves and fairies and to have photographed them.  No matter what the truth of the matter, the photos themselves are quite charming.  There is also another photograph from Canada possibly showing another blurry image of an elf.
The text block of the book has occasional light marks.  One of the plates is rippled, and another has some edge damage.  There are 15 plates in all, as called for.
Very good condition and quite rare as only 1000 copies were printed.
Octavo, 22.5cm tall, 139 pages, printed on heavy paper stock.


Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant)

The History of Magic

Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of its Procedure, its Rites and its MysteriesTranslated, with a Preface and Notes, by Arthur Edward Waite

Publisher: William Rider & Son, Limited, 1922, second edition.  This is a very handsome book bound in publisher’s royal blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spine and title and gilt decorations on the top board.  Top edges gilt, others uncut.

Levi and his writings were much esteemed by Aleister Crowley and this book had a great influence on him and the other Western magicians of the late 19th and early 20th century.

This particular copy is in very good condition, with some marks to the boards, and the boards being very slightly bowed.  The head and foot of the spine are bumped, and there is a short closed tear in the head of the spine.  The text block has some small spots of foxing to the half-title and title pages, and on the last two pages of the index, otherwise there is only an occasional isolated spot, mainly clean, and tightly bound.

Illustrated, with 20 plates, all in very good condition.

The book has an interesting provenance, having the signature of Atholl Oakeley on the front free endpaper.  Sir Atholl Oakeley, 7th Baronet of Shrewsbury, was an author and heavyweight wrestler.  He was Britain ’s first Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, and was subsequently a European Champion, too.

Large octavo, 23 cm tall, xxxiv, 536 pages.


Paul Christian

The History and Practice of Magic

Newly Translated from the French With Additional Material by Modern Authorities

Edited and Revised by Ross Nichols

Publisher: Forge Press, 1952, first edition thus.  Two volumes bound in green cloth with gilt titles on the spines, decorative endpapers, tope edges gilt, both volumes with two ribbon bookmarks each.  Text printed in dark purple, with headers and initials in green, on cream laid paper.

These books are in very good condition, with a little unevenness to the spine of volume one, and a small mark on its top board, very faint scattered foxing to the closed page edges, otherwise the books are bright and clean and tightly bound.

This work was originally published in French in 1870.  Paul Christian was the pen name of Jean Baptiste Pitois.

Titles of the Parts are: At the Gates of the Supernatural; The Mysteries of the Pyramids; The Ancient Oracles, the Sibyls and the Fates; Magic from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the End of the Middle Ages; Supernatural Sciences and Curiosities; General Theory of the Horoscope; The General keys of Astrology.

Illustrated with some diagrams and tables within the text.

Large octavos, 25cm tall, Volume One, xxx, 324 pages; Volume Two, pages 325 to 621.



Arthur Edward Waite

The Real History of the Rosicrucians

Founded on Their Own Manifestoes, and on Facts and Documents Collected from the Writings of Initiated Bretheren  

Publisher: George Redway, 1887, first edition, first printing.  Royal Blue cloth with titles in gilt on the spine, and decorations in gilt and borders in red on the top board.  Very good condition.  The spine is slightly darkened, and has bumping to the head and foot, and there are some marks to the cloth.  Internally, occasional light marks, mainly clean.
This is a serious, scholarly work on the Rosicrucians, and it also contains translations of Rosicrucuian documents, including ‘The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz.’  With some illustrations in the text.

Octavo, 19.5 cm tall, Pages: viii, 446.




Florence Marryat

The Spirit World

F.V. White & Co., 1894, first edition.  Green cloth hardback with titles in gilt on the spine and in brown on the top board.  
This is a fascinating look into the world of the committed spiritualist at the height of its popularity, a very interesting read, and a rare book.  
The book is in good condition, having damp stains to both boards.  Internally it is clean and bright.  One signature is loosening , otherwise tightly bound .  Octavo, 300 pages.



The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century  
Or, Compendium of Astrology, Geomancy and Occult Philosophy

(The Straggling Astrologer)


The ancient Practice of raising Spirits, and invocating the Dead: Apparitions, Visions, and extraordinary Dreams: Curious Charms, Talismans, and wonderful Secrets in Occult Philosophy: Lives of eminent Philosophers, Astrologers and Magicians: An easy Introduction to the celestial Science of Astrology: The art of setting a Figure to any time proposed: The art of casting a Nativity, and resolving all lawful Horary Questions relative to the Fate of both Sexes: Monthly Prognostications and Predictions: An Explanation of the Oriental Science of Geomancy, upon which no Author has written for 150 years: With a variety of important and interesting matter not to be found in any other Publication.

By The Members of the Mercurii  
The Editor of the Prophetic Almanack  
And Other Celebrated Astrologers 

Publisher: William Charlton Wright, 1825 (1824).  “Sixth Edition”, actually the first edition, editions 1-5 being non-existant.  This is a bound volume of the issues of ‘The Straggling Astrologer’ from June 1824 to October 1824, twenty-one issues, all that were published.  The editor of these magazines was Robert Cross Smith, essentially the first professional astrologer of the nineteenth century in England.  More can be found about this interesting man here: http://www.kimfarnell.co.uk/raphael1.htm.

The book is rebound in dark orange full leather and is in very good condition.  The pages have occasional marks, some scattered foxing, and two leaves are browned, one having a small hole with no loss of text.  The book is mainly clean.  
There are a large number of illustrations, symbolic and otherwise, and many articles on a wide range of subjects, written in a lively and sometimes satirical tone.  Other forms of prediction get short shrift, for example ‘The Phrenologists; Or Society of Fortune Tellers, Who Judge by the Outside Nodules of your Noddles.’  Astrology and other proper ‘Occult philosophies’ are dealt with seriously and at length.
This is a scarce publication.

Octavo, 22cm tall, i-xvi (includes index), 350 pages, plus 2 pages of publisher’s advertisements.




 Alexander Mackenzie

The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer

With an introductory chapter by Andrew Lang

Publisher: Eneas MacKay, Stirling 1899.  Bound in blue cloth over bevelled boards, with titles in gilt on the spine and top board and vignette on top board.  Binding a little rubbed along the hinges, occasional light marks within, very good condition.  Concerns the prophecies fulfilled, unfulfilled and doubtful of a Scottish seer.



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